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JDBC testing and ReadyAPI - Update Statement?

Question asked by kiwikaty on Jan 31, 2019

Hi there


I needed to check our JDBC was working as expected as an external app was getting an error when sending updates. I do not know Java myself and in the past I have used iSQL for testing the JDBC connection. I could not use that tool this time so tried to use ReadyAPI (Soapbear) as we have this for REST testing. It took a couple of hours of googling but I managed to set up the database connection and was able to make a connection to the database and using a very simple select statement could see returned results. So I know connection was all ok. But I could not for the life of me to get UPDATE or INSERT to work. At first I was getting syntax errors and then I got to the point where there was no syntax errors (or any other error returned) but no result either. Has anyone used ReadyAPI before and successfully used the UPDATE statement? Alternatively looking for another app I could use for testing. I also used Eclipse in the past but am these days constrained to using applications that have been company provided for use - hence trying ReadyAPI.


Also does anyone know what happened to this doc and have a copy... ?


So hard to find a really easy to follow DUMMIES! guide to this stuff. To often assumptions are made about what the person already knows - it took me awhile just to find out where I had to put the driver (.jar) so ReadyApi could use it. I thought "classes" where something you found in schools! I found bits and pieces on the net but nothing I could just work though so I was kind of appalled at how long I spent trying to set up an environment I could test with.


After all of that they restarted the app at their end this morning and it started working again!!!


Many thanks.