Keystroke Phone Number Search

Discussion created by yellowhammer on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2019 by dale_allyn

Doing a lot of searching, but not finding much on this.  My current phone number field is a text formatted (xxx) xxx-xxxx global field that I can search by entering the entire field and doing a search. However, that is not what I want.


I also have a First Name field as well as a Last name field.  In the interests of speed and efficiency during checkout, and not remembering the full name of full phone number of customers, I would like to have a keystroke based phone or name search field where as a phone number, or first name or last name is being entered, XXX, the applicable phone numbers and names pop up in a list and are reduced as more of the phone number or name is entered real time.  At any point, as soon as I recognize the name or phone number, I can click it and set global variables for other use.