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Storing files on an FMS, but not under FileMaker Server directory: where ?

Question asked by planteg on Feb 1, 2019
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Was Storing files on a server other than FileMaker files: where ?




I am using the separation model. For some Layouts I need to display a logo. Since the Layouts are created in the front end, I created a system table in the app (local to the user) where the logo is stored in a container.


When the Startup script is executed it looks to see if the logo is in the container field, and if not it loads the container.


My question is where on the server should I put the logo file in order that FMPA (the script) can find it and load the local table ? The best would be outside the FMS path, then if I ever clean FMS installation I don't loose the file.


User computers as well as the server are Macs.