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Random locking/stalling when uploading images, results in infinite Find script loop on next startup

Question asked by mike_w on Feb 1, 2019

Hello All,

I am quite new to FileMaker. It has been implemented as a secondary database for web-ready content in my organization.

I am tasked with having to upload a good number of images manually and I experience random stallouts/crashing when using the drag-and-drop feature to upload these images into specific fields.


Of the 6 image fields configured in the database records, there is no specific one that seems to pose more of a problem than the others. I can work within FileMaker for a decent amount of time, uploading multiple images on tens of records and then the random image gets stuck uploading. The progress bar/dialog just runs forever, until I force quit.


Once I force quit, when I restart FileMaker it never restarts correctly, and stays stuck in a Find loop, never loading.

Incidentally, I know that a Find script is NOT run on startup, but a Sort is.


This is an extremely hobbling issue as the crash is on the server side and it halts all usage from my colleagues until the server is rebooted.


On point I can raise is that I am on PC and other colleagues using FileMaker are using Macs. Forgive my ignorance about a possible issue here, but these issues had never once occurred until I recently began accessing FileMaker using a PC.


I am not even sure what to begin troubleshooting to try and solve this.


Any ideas? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.