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Dynamic Lists (Open Ended Arrays / 2 Dimensional Arrays)

Question asked by sebieire on Feb 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by beverly

Hi All,


I've been wondering for a while now if & how exactly open lists can be used in FM? I am restricted to FMP12 unfortunately but it should work either way.


This is what I want ( and am used to from other languages / is straight forward in other languages).


Script A:

Extract random amount of matching values.

Loop through all results

ArrayAll[increment index].addResult(); (this is an open array where values can be added to it)

Pass to Script B[ArrayAll]


Script B:

Extract Information one by one from [Array All]


Above is the basic model. Ideally I would like to pass an Array on every position of ArrayAll.

Basically a multidimensional Array if Possible:


ArrayAll[Array1,Array2,Array3,....] >> pass that on to Script B and extract


Searching results I never know how many there are so the ArrayAll can be any number of length.

Usually in Java or other languages I'd just use "ArrayAll.length()" to figure out how long it is each time and then cycle through it that way.


Can (and if so) how exactly can this be done in FM? Can someone please give a very detailed example of that? I'd really appreciate it! So far I've been looking into Lists and Let in FM but no success getting this to work the way I want other then passing a static number of results only.


Many thanks