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FileMaker Pro Advanced Trail v17 (Omit Record Problem)

Question asked by happyrider on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Reid Larson

Using FileMaker Pro Advanced Trial v17.0.4.400.   (Have modified many Files with this APP ok.)


There is one LARGE file (which presents a group of only 17 Items, when opened).

I wish to OMIT 5 of those records being "displayed".

Normally, I would select the 1st record & use the RECORDS Menu to Omit that 1 item.

As I go along, the 5 records seem to be omitted OK.

However, after I use the "SAVE a COPY as" *type compacted Smaller” for the file,

the 5 records are again shown.


A.) First attempt I used the RECORDS MENU specifying the abbreviated OMIT command.

B.) Then, I also used the RECORDS MENU using the FULL "OMIT RECORD" command.


Both ATTEMPTS had the same result (the omitted records re-appeared).


Has anyone had this same experience ??

Or found a reason for it ??


THANKS for help to find a solution.