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Importing excel line by line

Question asked by hugh_dc on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by hugh_dc

So I can import a list of students into my data base and everything works well, but the way I have set it up is that I join a student to a class through a 3rd table.  That way I can have a student be in more than 1 class without setting a limit on classes.  Then I just display and link the student to the class through portals of related records.


I am running into a problem that when I import the student, I can't assign them to a class because the entry is not in that table.


I have 2 different ideas for a script to do it, either have the script create the entry in the connecting table each time a s student is imported or collect all the newly created student ID numbers and then loop through them and assign the class.


The issue is, I don't see any way to do a step-by step import.  Calling import in a script just does it all automatically with no way (to my knowledge, which is the point of this post) to examine each student (line) as it is imported. 

(related issue it is currently importing a lot of blank lines, which is related to the formatting of the excel sheet, but would be best if I could just tell it to stop then there are no more entries) .


Thoughts?  Is there an alternative way to import them?