Daily Cloud Data File Backups w/ Weekly RC Data Backups

Discussion created by riggleman on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2019 by wimdecorte

Is it possible to copy RC Data from one backup and use it in conjunction with the data file from another backup?


We have a 10 Mbps internet connection that cost $2,000 USD/month. Data is very expensive. I would like to:


1) Backup my data files to the cloud on a daily basis

2) Backup my external secure storage container files on a weekly basis


Our main data files are only about 1 GB but external secure storage is around 10GB. I can live with the loss of a week of new container files in a worst case scenario, but I'm not seeing how to make that happen. Would it work to remove via OS Script the RC Data folder on our daily backups so that the cloud backup wouldn't upload it? Or does that interfere with the backup mechanism of the RC Data?