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FileMaker Go: How can I prevent users from accessing Add/Delete record via popup menu fields?

Question asked by on Feb 2, 2019
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10+ years of fun with FileMaker but completely new to FM Go...

Hopefully this is an easy one but I can't find the answer in documentation or forums etc...

How can I remove or at least disable the Add/Delete record that appear when a popup menu is entered by the user in FileMaker Go?


(I do need the user to be able to create and delete records, but via my own buttons and just not there in the middle of data entry in a popup menu; so I cannot just simplify remove access rights to add/delete records).


PS: I have the same issue with the button that I do not need/want the user to access but that's not as bad since it only allows the user to (try to) mess up with the content of one field but at least not with entire records.


Thank you!