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Moving External Container Data from FMS 14 to 16

Question asked by JimBrear on Feb 3, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by JimBrear

I have recently tried to migrate a client from a Filemaker 14 Server to Filemaker 16 server both running Windows server.


Server is working OK on the Filemaker 16 Machine.


Basically I copied all the data files and the External container Data to the new server. 


I have tried a number of ways to Upload the data, both manually and using  the upload function in FMP.


Everything seems to be working fine until I try to view a document stored in the external storage area. I Get a "Container Fields cannot be exported" error.


If I drag and drop a new document to the database that can be viewed with no problems.


However on inspecting the location of the new document I find Server has created a Second RC_Data_FMS  folder withing the Existing store the data.


I feel I must be missing a step in the Process which is causing the problem.


Has anyone found a solution to this problem?


Jim Brear