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Select Excel export location (script)

Question asked by adrianmgs on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by badmonkey842

Dear all,


I've written a script that exports an Excel file containing some specific fields from my records to the desktop. My script is in french but it does the following:

- It defines a variable $Excel, gets the path to the desktop and gives it the name "Export.xlsx"

- Exports the specified fields of the records to said variable

This works pretty well, but I'd like to know:

Is there a way for the user to specify where he'd like the export [Excel] file to go (Desktop, external drive, etc) via a system dialog window?

I am aware that this can be done via File -> Save/Send -> Excel, but some fields shouldn't be exported (e.g. pictures) and the script takes care of this.


Thanks in advance!!