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SSL Certificate Problem

Question asked by edwardlscott on Feb 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by PeterDoern

I am getting this message when trying to import SSL certificate files purchased from GoDaddy this morning. (Mac Mini 10.14.2, FMS



What I did:

1. Used the DataManix "Missing Admin Tool" to generate the Terminal command to make a certificate request file (found on disk at "FileMaker Server/C Store/serverRequest.pem"). I set the optional password in their setup GUI as seen here in the KeyFilePassword field:



2. I ordered a standard SSL certificate on GoDaddy. When prompted, I pasted the content of the cert. req. file into the designated GoDaddy user interface input-field, then generated the certificate.

3. Given multiple choices on download format, I chose "TomCat" and received the three named files as seen chosen in the import-panel clip at top.

4. I cut and pasted the password from the Missing Admin Tool's "KeyFilePassword" field into the "Private Key Password" field in the console's import-panel (seen at top).

4. Clicked the Import button and got the red message.


Since I'm pretty sure the password is correct, any suggestions? Wrong file order?