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Making a drop-down list from a field

Question asked by camco on Feb 4, 2019
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I struggle making a drop-down list from a field. I'm trying to use a concept like the new Job Tracking template,

but base it on my needs for my shop. So, what I am trying to do is have an operator be able to do multiple operations per their capabilities. And so at the same time an operation may have multiple people be able to do that operation. So a many to many relationship.

The reason for what I am trying to do is, I want to be able to create quotes/estimates much faster based on the employees I plan on using for such operations. So, I have 3 guys who can all use a lathe, but only 1 can use a mill. The operations each have a different value. So the Lathe work might be $15, while the mill work be $25. And the employees each have different experience levels so if I have to use: Person A = $30, Person B = $20, an Person C = $15. So, when I go to quote I might choose Person A and Person C along with Person A being able to do the milling, and Person C just doing the lathe work.


So, I have to use a portal, but in that portal I want drop down boxes with the Person Name and then another drop down box for the person's operation/capability. I've attached a preview of my layout, to get an idea. I also have the tables Quotes, Operations, and Staff.