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How to clear unused Themes?

Question asked by techt on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by techt

I'm trying to clean up some of our files and I'm stuck at how to tidy up or remove Themes. Using BaseElements, there are a number of unreferenced theme elements, and I'd like to clear them out if possible. Just a test, I created a new database file and didn't do anything with it other than exit out of Manage Database. With only one layout and only a body part with no fields on the layout, there are almost 60 unreferenced thematic items. If I select a different theme, that number jumps to 93.


I appreciate that unreferenced items are reported for a number of reasons and not always because something is wrong. That said, I'd like to have them gone if possible.


Thanks in advance,




FMPA17, MacOS 10.14, BaseElements 17