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I Need a Very Simple Google Chart

Question asked by oharris on Feb 3, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by jbrown

I watched the video by Richard Carlton about placing Google Charts into Filemaker. I followed his video and put the chart in, but he did not tell how to change the constants in the chart to a variable I could use to make the Google Chart actually do anything. I then watched the video by DB Services which promised a download but it wouldn't download.

All I want is a way to do any Google Chart with just one or two variables. Something very, very simple. After I know how to get the data from my database to Google Charts and make it display, I could learn how to make it more complicated and actually do something. I have tried to learn Filemaker in my old age and have made progress, but it has been amazingly difficult because there are no simple templates that do just one thing I like I have found in other software that I have learned over the years.