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Why is my container field blank?

Question asked by jeffrey1955 on Feb 3, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by dellana

I have FIlemaker 17 Pro installed on an iMac running Mojave. I am creating a solution that has a container field.  In Layout, the Data is set to "Reduce or enlarge image to fit" and "Optimize for" to Interactive Content. Adobe Plugins are not installed on the machine. I have the filename set to be automatically entered into a name field. I have a "tooltip" to show the information about the PDF in the container. Now, when I add a PDF into the container, the container is blank. The filename is correctly entered into the name field. If I hover over the container, all of the correct info about the PDF shows in the tooltip. Also, if I load the solution into Filemaker Go, the PDF shows correctly in the container field on my iPad. This is very frustrating. Can anyone offer any advice?