FileMaker Pro 14 Adv Print Anomalies

Discussion created by springer01 on Feb 3, 2019
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I'm running FMP 14 Adv on a late 2014 Mac Mini OS X 10.12.6 Sierra. I have a file of my finances, which I have run for 3 years with success on a late 2009 Mini, until I acquired a refurbished the Mini mentioned above.


The file contains several Tables, primarily Cash, Checking, Annuity, VISA, Family Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Liabilities. and ESR Famiiy Net Worth. The latter can be seen in the image 'Browse', below. Two other images are 'Layout' and 'Preview.' Data in Browse is false for privacy purposes.


Note that in the 'Layout' the Rulers are used to ensure that the page dimensions are for Letter sized Page; 81/2" x 11". Horizontal Guides are used to denote the Header and Footer across the page. Vertical Guides denote the left and right edges of the Fields; 2" from the paper's edges. A center Guide denotes the paper's centerline at 4 1/4". These Guides help me to locate and balance the Fields. The Inspector was instrumental in organization of Field dimensions, text size, alignment, etc.


Problems: In Preview mode the program jumps to the first record of the file and the Page is skewed to the right and split at 4 3/4" . I've tried a number of things to correct these problems without success.

Why does it jump to the 1st of 26 Records? Why is the Page skewed to the right?

Any help will be appreciated!


Browse Layout

Browse.png Layout.png