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FMS17 Schedules not show in admin console

Question asked by ariera on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by luistavera



I am running a FMS17 ( on a Windows Server 2016, and the Web Admin Console seems to be half broken right now. Some of the information is not being displayed (ie the dashboard summary is half empty) and most notably the backup schedules and script schedules have disappeared.


However I can see they keep running. When inspecting the event.log (using the windows file explorer, because the admin console UI is broken and I cant use it to download it) I see the schedules are being loaded and executed appropiately. They also appear listed through the command line interface (fmsadmin list schedules).


I have tried restarting the admin server (fmsadmin restart adminserver) and the FM Script Engine process (fmsadmin restart fmse), I have tried rebooting windows, and nothing works.


Does anyone have an idea what to try next?