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Best Approach for making File Container External Storage more robust.

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Feb 4, 2019
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Not exactly sure how to ask the question or what I am asking, so I will start with the problem I would like to prevent.


background:  IT manages FMS & network; within our group we have a few people who have be tasked to develop solutions for their sub groups. One end user has "lost" all of their container files because IT (who also designed that particular FMP DB) changed  network IP addresses. My assumption is that the reference has been broken.  At this time our in house developers do not know how to "Restore" those files.  FWIW: i know it can be done, but for sake of argument....  if the DB administer and DB programmer say they cannot restore the files.  I am going to go with that.


I do not know the details on  how things are setup on their end, but in the end I want to prevent that circumstance.  the caveat is that our in house " DB developers"  were very adamant about not increasing file size and protested when I added an ID and a couple of globals fields. So i doubt, they would like the idea of internally stored files.


other detail is that we have window users that have different network mappings, and potentially some mac users that would access the files.