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Is it possible to show different layouts based on a dropdownbox selection?

Question asked by merijn097 on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by richardsrussell

I'm trying to make a database to keep record of all the IT in a business.


I'm trying to make a layout that changes based on what is choosen in a dropdownbox. I know this'll probably require a script of some kind but I can't figure out whether it's possible or not. I've googled for several days and searched far and wide but I can't find anything to help me.


My current database looks a little like this and is based somewhat on the dewy decimal system.


My layout looks like this.



What I want to happen is that when you choose a catagory like: 'Laptop' or 'Keyboard' that the boxes on the bottom right will change (show or disappear) according to what I think will be needed to fill out.


I'm not trying to have someone solve my problem, I simply want to know whether it's possible and if there is a certain name for this or something that will help me find the correct information to start building.


Thanks in advance.