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Is it safe to copy/paste a CSS hacked object?

Question asked by henry37 on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by henry37

I just found this great solution for drag and drop re-ordering in portals:

Better Drag Sorting — Delfs' Engineering


I found about it through Matt Petrowsky's always helpful tutorials:

FileMaker Tutorial - Better Portal Drag Sorting - YouTube


Matt mentions that one of the features of the Better Drag Sorting module is achieved through a CSS 'hack'.


Well I just recently went though the incredibly painful process of switching out a classic based theme for one build on the newer themes with proper CSS.  As much as I love Charles Delf's amazing solution, I would literally faint if I found out after having implemented it that I had somehow 'screwed up' the CSS and had to re-theme my solution- or worse, simply had a un-fixable file.


If I copy the object from Mr. Delf's module into my solution, can the modified CSS on the object adversely affect my solution?