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Report after loop

Question asked by koudekak on Feb 5, 2019
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Hi, I have set up a script including a loop that is triggered upon admin logout at the end of the day. All customers of the day receive a personal e-mail.


What I would like to establish is an automated report that returns the number of e-mails sent, as well as the e-mail addresses and some other details. This report would be e-mailed daily to the administrator.

I guess I could use variables for that, but as the script includes a loop, the variable would be reset to another value every time.

The thing is that I recently updated to FM 17 from FM 5, which worked fine for 18 years (!!!), so I'm not very familiar with variables and things like script parameters yet.

I could also create another table and include a script step in the loop that auto-enters the info I need in a new record. However, that would be yet another table, and my db already has many...


Any ideas on how I could best tackle this are more than welcome.

Thanks in advance,