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Bulk import PDF files

Question asked by kip on Feb 4, 2019
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I got a pre design question concerning a standalone database to organize PDF files. I am wondering, whether it would be easier to bulk import a bunch of PDF files into a database or to leave them in a folder and only import their names and links to the files (for example using an applescript similar to the one that we use right now to import the file names in an excel list).


We organize approx. 200-600 pdf files per project in a simple finder folder (pure mac system).

Every now and then, we need to add some new files or versions (done manually).

The database should help keeping track of the most recent version and when the files were added.


The files are named something like "AAA_blue_small_01 free text.pdf" or "BBB_red_big_03 some more free text.pdf"

- AAA and BBB stand for the project title

- color and size stand for additional information

- the position of certain information types is always the same (for example: color 2nd / size 3rd position)

- free text stands for even more information

- _ stands for delimiters

- the number stands for an index (version) of the file )


So far, we copy, split and import the file names into an excel sheet using an applescript. I like the solution, because it's fast and simple and the files are still in a simple folder structure where they can be found using our finder search. When switching the system to filemaker, would you recommend to keep the structure or to import the pdf files into containers? Would it be possible to have a bulk import that does a similar job like our applescript?