Sudden increase in FM file size

Discussion created by on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by gdurniak

We have our client's FM files hosted on FileMaker Server 15.

The size of one of the file has suddenly increased from 500 MB to 7 GB.

After analysis, we found that if we delete all tables except this particular table.there is no significant reduce in the file size. This table do not have any container fields.

We deleted all the other tables, relationships, scripts, layouts, records still the size is approximately 6.5 GB.

We deleted all records from this table but still no reduce in size.

We suspect of damaging of the file/table but since the file is hosted on the server not sure how it could get damaged?

Also when we are trying to recover it, the recovery process never gets completed, FileMaker closes after sometime.


Any help would be appreciated...