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Problem with OnObjectExit trigger in FMPA 16 under OSX 10.11

Question asked by historychef on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by TSGal

I have a file that accepts input from QR code scanners. As it is to be used in a production environment, I need a mechanism to trigger creation of a new record with no user interaction. So far, I've got a global field to receive the text from the reader, with the field configured to "go to the next field" on a Return, which the scanner supplies. I then have an OnObjectExit trigger on that field which runs the script that creates the new record, parses the scan contents into the fields on the record, clears out the global field, and puts the selection point back into it, ready for the next scan. All of this works just fine.


The problem is that adding the OnObjectExit trigger (which is the key step in the above process) causes FileMaker itself to stop responding to any user input. I've verified that no script is running between scans, so I'm not in an infinite loop. When I say, "FileMaker stops responding," I mean in every way: it won't respond to any menu commands (even though the menu items aren't grayed out), nor to the "Edit Layout" button. I can't even close the file (with either the Close button or by File ... Close). I can't even quit FileMaker itself! I can access other programs while this is happening, so I have to resort to using Command-Alt-Escape to bring up the "Force Quit Applications" and quit FileMaker that way. If I either remove the script trigger (and run the script manually), or use the Script Debugger, the problem does not occur. I'm running FileMaker Pro Advanced on OSX 10.11.6. Any ideas?