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PDF in interactive containers not working in Data separation

Question asked by carlo.motzo on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by carlo.motzo

Hi all,

I can't find a reason for this issue:


FM Server 16 on Mac Mini

Data separation model

Data file: one field is a container with external storage not encrypted

UI file: one layout points to the Data file and displays the container field (interactive mode).


All files local: works fine

UI File local, Data file on FMS: works fine

UI File and Data file on FMS: the PDFs are not displayed in interactive containers, but are displayed in non-interactive containers.


FMS 16 on Mac Mini, any FMP 16 client (Mac or Win).


I can't imagine why!

If I open directly the Data file distributed by FMS using FMP, all is ok!


Note that in similar setups using FMS on Windows, the solution works perfectly.


Any idea?

Thanks all!