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Any way to 'wrap' text around images?

Question asked by botanize on Feb 6, 2019
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I have a layout that contains two images, with each image positioned along either edge of the document. The space between the images contains a graphic object (generated from conditionally formatted rectangles) and text from various fields (see below). In most cases, the length of the text is short enough to fit between the two images (see second record, below). However, at times there's sufficient text such that it extends far below the two images (as in the first record).


example 1.png

Is there anyway that I can get the portion of the text that exceeds the image height to extend to the full width of the layout? Here's how the layout is currently set up:


layout 1.png

I realize that I could place a 'full width' field for just the notes (i.e., Fungi Species::Display PDF Summary Notes) in the area below the images. But there are instances where the other fields don't come close to 'occupying' the space between the images, so there would be a large empty space between the text in the center and the start of the notes.


I hope I've explained this clearly enough. Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can give.