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Syntax for web viewer with hyperlinked content - Help

Question asked by jlondon on Feb 6, 2019
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FM17, Web viewer

I am having difficulty with webviewer content, containing hyperlinked images.


More specifically, I am trying to populate a webviewer with images from related image records. On the parent record I have populated a webviewer with images that are base 64 encoded and they are displaying properly.


To link each displayed image, to the appropriate related record, each image must be wrapped in an <a href> tag that contains a script URL with a parameter. Basically a find script in FileMaker to find the Parameter (an image record ID)


The tag is breaking at the parameter.





in the related image table I have a calculation field that specifies each hyperlinked image.


"<a href=\"" & "fmp://<USER>:<PASSWORD>@SERVER/LightBox.fmp12?script=selectImage&param=" & Quote ( _ID ) & "><img src='data:image/png;base64," &

Base64Encode ( GetNthRecord ( image::Thumb_c ; _ID) )

& "'/>" &



Is there a character that I need to escape?