Removing hosted files removes containers

Discussion created by eric on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by TorstenBernhard

I see that using the Admin Console's "Remove" database feature also removes any externally stored containers to their own "Removed_by_FMS" folders (in FileMaker Server 16, at least).

This behavior might be more obvious when the containers are kept in their default folder, but if you decided to use "Additional Database Folders" to put Containers on another drive, you might discover your container files missing long after you performed a Remove.

  • This gets more problematic if you decide to use Remove to move all the files after a crash so you can restore from backup.
  • If you have multiple database folders, you might have multiple container folders to restore separately.
  • And if you Remove twice before you notice your containers missing, then your containers will no longer be in a "Removed" folder—or any folder for that matter.


Don't ask me how I discovered all this.