Modification Dates and Scripts

Discussion created by llamaassemblies on Feb 6, 2019
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So certain layouts need to have visible modification dates, but the problem is that these dates must reflect when the user last inputted information as opposed to a script. For example, a lock button exists to prevent records from automatically being clicked and is set to reset upon switching records. On a normal layout this is fine, but on a List layout there is a brief period of time where the record can be accessed since the previous was left unlocked. This can be fixed with a Replace Field Contents, but the problem is the modification date gets updated. This happens similarly with loops creating data needed for various relationships based on various information entered.


I have found this thread - temp turn off modification time stamp

Which explains the way to work around it is to do an Export/Import. However, the problem with exporting to another Filemaker file is that I cannot seem to remove the dialog asking for first row importation and the process needs to be not noticeable to the end user.


Is there a way to get around this dialog? Dialog itself has been turned off as a script step, I have tried defining a temp directory, I cannot seem to get it to go away. If not, is there a better alternative for getting the modification date to stay the same?