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Identify Wifi connections on FMS (not FMgo)

Question asked by badmonkey842 on Feb 7, 2019
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Is there a neat way to determine a connection type to a FMS hosted file?  something like the get (networktype) would be ideal.


the issue is that some end users remote connect via VPN.  It can be very brutal and unstable (outside of FMP).  I am not aware of any way to test for VPN, but the catch is that the VPN client only allows for Wifi and blocks everyone from connecting from their home LAN. So  Wifi is most likely through VPN


Anyway, Ideally i would like to account for unstable and slow connection speeds associated with the wifi-vpn connection. e.x.  show  recent 25 records on a layout vs 200;  PSOS if wifi+VPN  vs PS on LAN, etc....  ( long story short in-house doesnt like the idea of PSOS and i have to "limit" the usage)


I guess a table to store user MAC addresses and mark them as LAN of WIFI NICs. Upon start up set a global based on a lookup and use that.  Problem is that  i don't have a list available (i am not IT) and we replace all computers every 3 years (staggered) so managing the list would be tiresome.   ideas?