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Wrapping my head around CVL based on multiple self-joins

Question asked by meyerge on Feb 7, 2019
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Basically, I have a large "Flat" table with approx. 9700 records and fifteen fields. This is a "Product" table. I have also created a second table called "Requests" that has the same fields as the "Product" table.


There are also 15 TOs of the "Product".


Ultimately what I would like to do, is have a drop down list or popup menu for each field on a "Request form", I created based on all the fields in the "Request" table, to be filtered on the previous fields' content.


I have tried so many permutations and combinations of joins, and cvl parameters that I can't keep straight what has partially worked and what doesn't work.


The closest I have come is to get CVLs showing all the data related to a given field.