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Hiding Script Spinning Wheel?

Question asked by 34South on Feb 7, 2019

I was having a bit of fun the other evening - when doesn't one when working with FileMaker? - writing a solution for the iPhone which would display sensor data. I decided to add a continuous loop, exited by turning the phone's orientation to landscape, which constantly updated the magnetic field sensor data, displaying it dynamically as a level bar (similar to that seen on audio equipment), thanks to an adaptation of an idea from Matt Petrowski, which uses conditional formatting of a repeating field. I also added the ability to adjust minimum and maximum values for the pulsating level indicator. This all works perfectly but one slightly unappealing aspect of a continuously running script is the presence of the spinning pinwheel, dead centre of the screen, while the script is active. As important as the wheel is, is there any way to perhaps hide it?