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Problems with Filemaker 17 for MAC

Question asked by paolozam on Feb 7, 2019
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Recently I passed to Filemaker 17 and I'm having miscellaneous kinds of problems.


First when I try to open the layout list of my Sw I see this list empty (figure1).


Secondly when I try to open my text messages on popup or plugin (troi dialog 7.5), I see this box empty. I have this second problem only with a specified MAC. I have two MACs, both with mojave 10.14.3, a i7 and a i9 (I have this problem with the i9).


Finally when I open my Sw, that is a multi-files Sw, now I have to set my password for all these files. Besides when my Mac is hanging, my files are automatically closed.


I specify that my Sw uses 2 kinds of plugin. TroiDialog and 360WorkScribe.


Can you help me please?



Paolo Zammitti


Schermata 2019-02-07 alle 12.51.55.png