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Trailing zeros lost on Excel import

Question asked by rubinjm on Feb 7, 2019
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Kind of complicated situation...I have an Excel file that has a column with a number that corresponds to a time duration (e.g. 2.40 indicates 2 hours 40 minutes).


I am importing that column into "Hours", a Number field in FMP. I then have 2 fields that are used to calculate the actual number of minutes represented by the number in "Hours":


Hours Extract =



Minutes Calc =

(hours extract  *  60 ) + minutes extract




My problem is that when I import, trailing zeros are stripped so that 2.40 shows up in FMP as 2.4.

2.40 calculates as 160 minutes but 2.4 erroneously calculates as 124 minutes. If I set the formatting of "Hours" to display 2 decimals, 2.4 *displays* as 2.40 but when I click in the cell it is really 2.4 and that's what's used in the formula.


Any suggestions on how to preserve the trailing zero?


P.S. I can't control how the time field is displayed in Excel because that's a constraint of the data source for that report.