Live FileMaker Event - Melting FileMaker Cloud - Feb 22nd

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You are invited to a livestream webinar ... to learn about speeding up FileMaker performance.   To make it exciting... we are asking attendee's to open up a shared live FileMaker file.   We have a highly optimized CRM...and we want to see if FileMaker Cloud can handle the load.


Test File:  FileMaker CRM

File Size: 15 GB

Total Record Count: 10.3 million


We tried this 3 years ago...and FileMaker Cloud survived 108 active users.  How about we go for 200?  We need your help!  During the live event... we will ask that you login to the CRM.  We want to have as many people logged on as possible.


Can FileMaker Cloud survive?  We are using the largest AWS Virtual Server allowed by Law.


More Information:


February 22nd, 2019 - 1:00pm PST

Registration Link: