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Using Calculation Fields on Calculation Fields

Question asked by cmilton1 on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by stathisaska

This might be too difficult to relay in this type of forum format but I'll try.


I am relating two databases via a primary and foreign or child relationship. One is a Customer database and the other is the Products database.


Customers can have many products as we all know. I'm trying to provide a Customer Status value in my Customer database that is a COUNT of certain products from my Products database.


The Products databse has a field called GroupNumber. For this question the GroupNumber I'll refer is "1MainSoftware."


In my example, I'd like to have my Customer database calculation field count all of the products with this "1MainSoftware" Group Number value.


In my Customer database I have a Calculation field called Account Status which is,


If (Calc_1MainSoftwareCount>0; "Customer")


Where Calc_1MainSoftwareCount is,


Count ( Customer Products::Calc_1MainSofwareFlag )


In the Products database I have a calculation field called "1MainSoftwareFlag."


The calculation for "1MainSoftwareFlag" is,


If ( Customer Products::GroupNumber="1 - Main Software"; 1)


So my strategy is to flag the "1MainSoftwareFlag" field in my Products database, and then create a calculation to count the number of fields.


I can then create certain calculation criteria in my Customers database to provide a value with the script I mentioned above i.e.,


If (Calc_1MainSoftwareCount>0; "Customer")


The issue I'm having is that I don't have the flag value of 1 yet in the fields I need yet.


The script runs and doesn't give me the value of "Customer" for my Customer records.


The script is not counting any of the fields. What should I do to flag the records.