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Discussion created by tausen on Feb 8, 2019
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We'd like our customers to get automatic price/quote for the pieces of furniture by entering measures, materials and other features.

We started by creating tables for materials and handles and a layout with some fields and information to fill in order to get the calculation done. In this first attempt everything works fine, even the button with the script to send the order by email.


But this is the simplest cabinet. Can you give us some advice to go forward?


There are probably 20/30 type of cabinet. We can use the same material and handle tables but we must change the layout. Right? In the same file or better to split?

Once created the others cabinet typology pages, in case a customer would like to buy more than a cabinet, how can we create an "ADD to cart" button and how can we built a "destination" page where cabinet added will be store waiting to be ordered together?

Is it possible to assign a discount rate based on login credential?


Here you can download the file. Sorry for the italian language.

Thank you!