Insert unspecified file from specified folder

Discussion created by mactabby on Feb 8, 2019
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Hi - I'm struggling with workflow efficiency on inserting files into containers.


My users have to add product specifications (usually pdf) into my system.  The specifications are filed in a complex folder structure on our server, in a single folder buried 5 folders deep.  The insert file step (scripted or right-clicked) opens an insert file dialog (this is on Windows) which takes them to wherever they last were in Windows, with no shortcuts in the left navigation and no search box. 


Finding the file in Windows Explorer is a matter of (1) click the shortcut and (2) search for the product code. Searching is absolutely essential for their workflow as the -latest- specification is often not the first located.


With the Filemaker workflow, step (1) is about 6 clicks to get to the relevant folder and step (2) is not possible.


Two questions:

1) How do I get filemaker to open the dialogue on a folder of my choosing.  I can force it do do this by giving an incomplete file path as a target, but the user has to dismiss an error every time.

2) Am I missing another approach to opening a dialog for file browsing?  Why is this dialog box so limited in functionality after all?