iOS Shortcuts and FileMaker Data API - Amazing Possibilities!

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Feb 8, 2019
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Hi everyone, your FileMaker & iOS world about about to be transformed! Are you ready?

We are super excited about this.


Check out what now becomes possible with: FileMaker | Data API | iOS Shortcuts in our latest blog post.

iOS Shortcuts to the FileMaker Data API – beezwax > blog




If you haven’t explored iOS Shortcuts - Curl up this weekend with your favorite YouTube video and dive in and learn what is possible now with FileMaker and iOS Shortcuts.


The combination opens up a whole new set of possibilities, making this not only a Workplace Innovation Platform, but maybe even coin a new term... FM/iOS integration Platform. Anyway, as you can probably tell I am super excited to see what we all come up with as a community.


I can see many of your showing up at your clients next Monday morning saying things like:

"Ever wanted to be able to automate a set of actions with your phone?"... or

"Imagine if you could ... "


I can’t say enough good things about this - and if you start playing around with Siri Shortcuts you’ll be instantly hooked and fascinated. And a big thank you to Fabio Bosisio who wrote this up and put it together.


We have a slew of follow up blog posts coming soon - so stay tuned.


Best - Vince