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Can't configure ODBC TO Filemaker

Question asked by pinit on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by pinit

Dear all,

we need a connection from another server process to our Filemaker db so



this is our architecture:

-windows server (hosted in Azure VM) 2016 datacenter


-SSL configurated



these are operations made to configure a DSN to Filemaker

- enabled ODBC/JDBC connector (verified Filemaker xDBC Listener UP in executing processes)

- opened TCP 2399 (verified connecting through telnet on localhost)

- installed 32 and 64bit ODBC driver FileMaker ODBC Driver



when trying to configure a system DSN, after gived a name mask, we can't go foreward



When a SSL cannot be verified check: Connect



I tried in the field where to specify which host, with these values:



-GIOVE (our machine name)

result: ERROR (20602) can't create a connection



and all the combinations of these names with a TCP port, in sintax, ex.:




result: ERROR failed to connect to listener (4)



ok, so after I tried to jump that, unchecking "connect to host to obtain the name of available databases" and put our database name in field "which database do you want to connect to?" in these formats:





result: ERROR [FileMaker][FileMaker]  (802): Unable to open file Test failed.



please give a direction before we miss our head

thank you in advance