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Simple time calculation not working

Question asked by Pyroman on Feb 9, 2019
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I've searched this forum and followed all the prior advise and it does not seem to be working.   I have a very simple problem that I can't figure out.


I am working on tracking my time for clients.  I have a StartTime a StopTime and and ElapsedTime Field.  The StartTime and StopTime fields are set up as TIME fields, and the ElapsedTime field is a calculation of Stoptime-StartTime/60.


I can't get it to work. Currently, with 8:00 in StartTime and 9:00 in Stoptime, I get "31920" in the ElapsedTime field if it is set to number and I get 8:52:00 if it is set to time. I've tried every combination that I can come up with without success.


I've tried dividing by 60 and 360 and I cannot even get close.


Any help would be appreciated.