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Filemaker Go 16 and 17 access to Server Files

Question asked by JimBrear on Feb 10, 2019

We have just performed an upgrade to FM Server 16 for a client. The files have all been  installed on a new server.

The Solution contains the ability for remote users  to download Rosters and record job detail and sync completed jobs to the server.

As we are using a new server the URL used to connect to the server needed to be changed on the database of each of the 25 iPads. Most of these are the original iPad minis which cannot upgrade their iOS beyond version 9.  There are a number of newer iPads used as well. The iPads run a mixture of FileMaker Go 14, 15 and 16.

We copied the revised files to each iPad and discovered the iPads running FM Go 14 and 15 had no problems connecting to the new server via the cell network.  However there was no way we could get the iPads running FM Go 16 or 17 to discover the server files. Luckily most of the iPads still had  FM Go 15 installed so we were able to use that.

However with FM Go 15 no longer available on the app store we are left with 4 iPads that cannot be used as they will not talk to the server.

We did notice a new Option "Manage Permitted hosts" setting in FM Go 16 but have been unable to work out what it should contain. Trying to use variations of the external file locations in the files did not help.

Any hints will be gratefully received.