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Web Services SSL certificate

Question asked by edwardlscott on Feb 11, 2019
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I recently installed an SSL certificate on a client's Mac Mini server (Mojave / FMS 17 latest versions) at a colo datacenter. When accessing the database from remotely with FMP17, the green lock shows in the upper right of the window - nice.


When using an iMac browser (Safari or Chrome) to access the FMS console from remotely at:

1) client_url:16000/admin-console OR at

2) https://client_url:16000/admin-console

the access fails. #1 above completely fails and no data is returned, and in the second case, the certificate that is detected is the old original default certificate as seen here in Safari:




Also, when trying to access the database with a browser using WebDirect, the same certificate problems arise.


What has to be done to make the valid certificate that FileMaker Pro is aware of (and happy with) also serve the web services side of the server - like the admin console and WebDirect?


Thanks in advance,