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Can I upload to Filemaker server or share with users when using the Free Trial?

Question asked by gerardoc on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by gerardoc

Hello everyone,


I am new to Filemaker and newer to this community. I've been asked to start developing with Filemaker a couple apps and I've gone and done that, no problem. Have used many of the questions answered in here to make my way through the program so that I wouldn't get stuck, however I now find myself in the last position, where I want to finally start working with the app I've made but I can't share it with no users.

My first thought to this was that since I was still using the Free Trial I couldn't share it with users nor upload it to a FileMaker server, so my question is this:


Do I have to purchase the full version of FileMaker to start sharing the app with different users and/or upload the app to a FileMaker server?