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(JavaScript implementations) Migration from Server to Cloud.

Question asked by molotovi on Feb 11, 2019
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I'm had been working in a implementation of GoogleMaps JavaScript API with FileMaker.


Now, That works with Filemaker Pro (Using fmurlScript) and WebDirect (Using DataAPI).


Today, for security politics I need to migrate the app to FM Cloud. The process to upload the solution it's clear and I'm reading all of the documentation to do it.


But I have some doubts:


To make the Implementation of WebDirect with the DataAPI, I have to put some .JS files on the folder of Apache and I finally connect with the dataApi. If I doesn't have these JS Files, the web Browser returns a Cross-Origin Error. So,


  • It's posible to put these JS Files on the APACHE config of the server that AWS provided me?
  • Working with the Cloud, I dont need these JS Files on the server to work because the Cross-Origin error won't apear?




I'm Using FM ProAdvanced 17, FM Server 17 and FM Cloud 1.17


The JS Files are connectors of  XMLHttpRequest for the Data API.