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Various FM17 Bugs/Comments

Question asked by user28271 on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by ferrousjack

OK, so I am trying to fully embrace FM17.  Believe it out not I still have many client on Fm14. 


Anyway.  Here is a short list of bug and comment that I would love to know if it is ME or is it FileMaker.


1.     When in layout mode you can no long scroll through other layouts.  That option is gone.


2.     The inspector is LOCK to the right side of the screen.  Is there any option to unlock it?  I usually like to keep on my second monitor so I can best manage the usable layout space.


3.     When I selected a button previous built in FM16, I could not change the script.  I have to delete it and make a new one to change which script it will fire.


4.     Scripts that posted data with ¶ (like stuffing a field with an address) were all messed up and had to be re-done.