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Scripting error 409 after upgrading to FM Server 17

Question asked by diquito on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by diquito

Hi, all Filemaker gurus!!


I have a strange error that I got on our server since I upgraded to FMS 17. I had a script that imported a file into a table, and it worked perfectly before the upgrade.


Now after the upgrade, I get import error 409 ( import order is wrong) ONLY when I run the script scheduled. If I execute the script from a client on the server, it works perfectly.

The import script step has a full path to the file which is located on the correct structure under the "FileMaker Server" path.


I have entered the script step to try to use other path options and when it fails I don't get the option to see the source fields mapping. As soon as I enter the full path I do see source field mapping. But when I run the schedule I get error 409?? As a note, the error 409 only showed up after I added the Get (LastError) into the script before I got the error 2020 in the event log.


I wonder if it's a bug? or am I missing something?