Need Running Total from a Start Value

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I haven't been able to create a Running Total Field with a Start Value. I have an Annuity Table, which monthly value decreases by the Gross Payment amount each month. The Starting Value (n_start_value) on 31 Dec 18 is 54,843.40 and decreases each month by the Gross Paym't (n_gross) of 1,640.62. Here is my Layout:


Annuity Layout.png


I've put three Starting Value Fields in the Header and selected their Format/Set Sliding/Printing to Do Not Print.

The Field: n_start_less_n_gross is a Calculation = (n_start value) - n_gross)


I've created a Summary Field: s_run_bal = Total of n_start_less_n_gross (running), which was accepted by the Table, but doesn't work. The result is an increase of the Annuity Balance each month by the n_start_value.


I've tried variations on a theme, none of which work. I have similar running-balance requirements in a couple other Tables. Hence my asking for help!


(ps: How can I get the Parts Labels to be vertical instead of horizontal, as above.)


Another problem: Having the Date increase by one Month for each succeeding record, with the Day and Year remaining the same. My start date is 12/14/18, then 01/14/19, 02-14-19, etc. I've taken an equation provided by philmodjunk (DateSort Equation) for my VISA Statement, which each Month starts on the 5th and ends on the succeeding 4th, and attempted a modification, which equation was accepted by the Table but hasn't worked. Need help here, also. See flwg:


DateSort Equation.png My Failed Attempt.png