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Best practice for routine imports to iOS hosted solution

Question asked by ReNuing on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Johan Hedman

Having issues maintaining an application with 5 user accounts and specific privilege sets. After my imports, users are not able to save their entries. The export and import process is manual at this point.

If i duplicate a record and modify it, to become a new record, on Work in Process application, then user accounts can add information to the new record, with permissions intact.


Local mac mini Filemaker server 12, hosting a FMP point of sale application. Custom orders being exported from POS to a fmp.12 file weekly. Need to import these files into the hosted Work in Process application, developed to have staff enter data as custom order is completed, at various work stations from iPads.


I have worked around it by removing the database from the server, using server admin console, uploading the database from desktop FMP13 updated version.


Both databases are hosted from the same server, residing in different folders. The source records are from a closed application that I currently don't have access to script in. Ultimate goal is to update nightly.


So best practice for imports & maintaining specific privilege sets would be?